Willow T. Wisp
I am the fog and the flickering lights you glimpse deep in the marshes. I am the pale veil that blankets rivers and ponds at twilight. I've been safe in my hollow for so long that I now yearn company, so please stop on your travels and talk with me. But don't try to step closer, for the ground of my realm is soft and treacherous, and I can't help you if you sink.
Oh and please, call me Wisp.

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(FC: Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen)

disobedient-nightmare is wandering through the swamp

There had been something odd about her mire for a little while now, a presence. Searching through all the usual ways people managed to bypass the illusionary borders and treacherous mazes of waterways that kept unwanted visitors out had yielded no results whatsoever and Wisp had almost decided to give up. She could just leave the poor devil to the mercy of the bog and hope they found their way out instead of sinking in.

A dark form, barely visible far to the side from any of the common routes, caught her attention and the fae quickly changed direction, landing on a conveniently placed half-sunken rune stone, quriosity picqued.

"Who goes there?"

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